What Is Musicland?

Musicland really is – Built by Muso’s for Musicians.

It was meant as a creative Haven for Live Music, Musicians and Music Lovers, a place to create, a place of great sound, warm ambience, pure vibe, a place to heal, feel relaxed, safe, a place of laughter, friendship, a place with no boundaries, a place for every age, every genre, everyone who loves and plays Live Music in all its forms, and I think they all say we succeeded.

In The Beginning…

There’s a story about how it began….As you may or may not know, I Michael Rohotas, am a business man and was and still am a lead guitarist. About 20 years ago, Cathy my wife, decided I was working way to hard, she wanted me to be ‘balanced’ and insisted I get back into Music. After rehearsing in our home for a number of years, she eventually threw me out to practice somewhere else, and there, MUSICLAND was born, With an empty warehouse, a lot of imagination, lots of hard work, laughter, and help from my Muso Friends, we literally created MUSICLAND from Nothing. It was my ‘hobby’ which turned into a business.


After 5 years of being very underground, the Council came in one night, and literally closed us down on the spot. We were given a LONG list of things that would need doing from Traffic Control assessments, EPA readings and reports, New Toilets, Water, Disabled Toilets, etc, etc, etc. I would be lying if I said I didn’t think about turning the key and walking out. But how could I?? I’m glad I didn’t, 12 months and lots of money and hard work later, we have a better MUSICLAND, it still has the same vibe, just an updated Version.

The Butterfly….

Since we have re opened – MUSICLAND has taken on a life of its own, it continues to grow, outwards and upwards, and will continue to improve and evolve. Muso’s still help, and i’ve decided its “the little things” that sets MUSICLAND apart, the little things that only muso’s get. Over the years, all the help has been done with the love of music at the forefront and thats what gives it the vibe as you walk inside, but most of all, its Built by Muso’s for Musicians.

Thanks To The Following….

A Special Thanks to some of the Muso’s that have Helped Build Musiclan, If I have forgotten anyone, forgive me, all I know, is that with each nail, each splinter, each Groan and Laughter, we have all left our mark in the emotional Vibe…that is MUSICLAND

  • MickAsh Warner – Drummer
  • Jason Meracis – Bass Guitarist
  • Dave Hellion – Musician, Sound Engineer
  • George Nikolovski – Tech Engineer (RIP)
  • Wally Bishop – Industry
  • Bronnie Gordon – Singer
  • Steve Georgiou – Industry
  • Huey McLean – Engineer (RIP)
  • Graham White – Drummer
  • Dave White – Bass Guitarist
  • Minnie Hutchens – Sound Engineer
  • Peter Thomas – Singer Guitarist
  • Terry Bedingham – Music Lover
  • Ray Moon – Keyboardist, Engineer
  • Nathalia – Guitarist
  • John Farrugia – Guitarist
  • Joe Gigliotto – Guitarist
  • Mars Smarelli – Guitarist
  • Smokin Sam Salzone – Singer Harp Player Hume Blues Club
  • John Williams – Guitarist Singer
  • Brendan Mason – Guitarist, Tech Engineer
  • Peter Deske – Drummer/TV Producer
  • Luke Hart – Sound Engineer
  • Chris Bull – Drummer/Architect
  • Gary Kilby – Bass Guitarist/Engineer
  • Glenn Roche – Drummer
  • George Argyriou – Lead Guitarist
  • Anita Donlon – Industry
  • Rodney Griffin – Drummer (RIP)
  • Sonya Tracevski – Photographer
  • Michael Valentino – Singer
  • Spudda – Promoter, Music Lover
  • Neil Carroll – Guitarist
  • Peter + Syd Grondman – Industry
  • Anita Monk – TV Producer
  • Soozie Pinder – Radio + TV Personality
  • Sam Milan – Agent + Singer
  • Peter Hoffmann – Band Manager
  • Wendy Stapleton – Singer, Compere
  • Deb Starr – Singer Compere
  • Peter Howes – Music Lover
  • Anthony Calleja – Guitarist
  • Claude Celano – Singer
  • Red – Music Lover, Lighting
  • Jon Powers – TV Producer /Editor
  • Richie Laird – Engineer
  • John Higgins – Cameraman/Editor
  • Wendy Mason – Promotions, Music Love