CD Recording & DVD Production

Musicland has fast become the most Sought After Live Recording Venue in Melbourne.
Musicland Uses a 24 Channel Pro Tools Audio Recording system.
4 HD Cameras (Zoom In/Out + Pan Tilt Up/Down + Audience, Drummers Overhead View) with Live Vision Switching Capabilities.
Headphone Audio mix is via a secondary mixing desk as you play.
Plus we offer Roving Cameras plus Fully Produced Live Videos, as well as a 3-4 minute Promo Mix, U Tube and Email Ready.
All Sessions can be booked either Closed or during your live Gig.
The best Quality, at one of the Best Live Music Venues all at reasonable prices.

Prices for Live Recording Audio

Raw Basic Files
Raw Audio (29 Channel Pro Tools) $ 80.00
Mixed Audio
(Professionally Mixed Outside ML)$200.00
Live 4 Camera Vision Switching
Includes (headphone Mixed Raw Audio) $350.00
Live 4 Camera Vision Switching
with Mixed Audio Track (Prof Mixed Outside ML) $550.00
Separate Files for 4 Cameras + Protools Audio $400.00
Fully Produced Live 4 Camera Mix $1,100.00 with Roving Camera,
Mixed Audio. Promo Video – U-Tube & Email Ready $1,400.00
After Sale Promo $ 400.00
Prices on Application for :-
Motion Graphics – (Includes Photoshop)
Voice Overs and DVD Production (Inc Mixed Sync)

Note: The above prices are for a Maximum of 6 Songs
over a 3 hour period, including Set Up and Pack Up !
Extra Charge of $150.00 per song or 30 minutes after that.

Also Note you can book Sonya Tracevski our brilliant in house Photographer for the night at a reasonable cost.
By either ringing Cathy on 0412 587 587 – or Emailing

Some of Our Studio Artists

  • Gold Chisel
  • Very Handsome Men
  • Silus Lucic as Elvis
  • Stevie Paige
  • Bronnie Gordon Band
  • Smokin Sam
  • Kill em All (Metallica Tribute Band)
  • British Steel
  • Black Fuel
  • Echos Witness
  • Temples of Tune
  • Rod Stewart Tribute Show
  • Four Five Six Vintage
  • Alfords Bullwinkle
  • Catharsis
  • Miss Nicholls
  • The Antionettes
  • Dave Evans Band
  • Naberus
  • Orpheus
  • Total Recall
  • Hitwaves
  • Brutal Assault
  • Synergy Blue
  • Meat Loaf Tribute Band
  • Pole Dog Trivia
  • Nothing Sacred
  • Bengal Tigers
  • Bonanza
  • Richochet
  • Southbound Snake Charmers
  • Kevan Wardrupe
  • Pearl Jam Tribute Band
  • Nirvana Tribute Band
  • Blood Orange

Our Footage has also been shown on Asylum TV, EPTV, The Tribute Show, Netdow TV, YouTube