What do we offer?

Musicland is equipped with some of the best state of the art equipment for all your productions needs. With the best live stage, sound and lighting that Melbourne has to offer, Musicland Productions is the only place for your production needs.

 We cater for multiple projects including but not limited to: 

  • Professional Audio Recording
  • Live Audio Recording
  • Live Filming and Streaming of shows with broadcast quality audio
  • Promo clips
  • Film Clips
  • Electronic Press Kit Creation
  • Venue Hire

​Come down and have a chat with our friendly staff to find out more about how we can help you create your next production.


Musicland is a fully equipped production venue that can cater for all your promo needs. We are able to record your set as a live performance, as well as closed set production. We are also fully set up to live stream your show with professional grade cameras and audio mixing.

 The equipment we have available for recording is as follows. 

  • 4 bird dog ptz P200 cameras. 
  • Full Pro Tools rig for audio recording.
  • Broadcast quality roving cameras. 
  • LV1 live mixing software.
  • Blackmagic switching hardware and software.
  • Tracks Live/Reaper rig for recording. 
  • 1 x Digico S31 and 1 x Allen and Heath QU16 for FOH audio 
  • MagicQ Full touch screen lighting rig. 


Our services and prices are as follows. 

General/Live Shows

  • Protools raw audio for all shows $110
  • Live video switch + raw audio for 1 set duration of 45 min $350
  • Live video switch + raw audio for 2 sets duration of 90 min $500
  • Live stream of 1 set inc. a copy of raw files $500
  • Live stream of 2 sets inc. a copy of raw files $650
  • Extras - Additional roving camera - $200

 Closed Set Recording

You will receive a copy of the audio and vision switching footage included in the price.

  • Venue Hire - $250 p/h (minimum 4 hrs)


  • Additional Roving Camera - $200
  • Lighting Engineer - $150


Venue Hire

These prices do not include any footage or audio from Musicland Productions.

  • Venue hire for closed set recordings - Mainstage - $150 p/h (min 4 hrs).
  • Venue hire for closed set recordings -Backroom - $100 p/h (min 4 hrs).


  • FOH Engineer - $150
  • Lighting - $150
  • Outside editing of audio/video POA. 

​Please feel free to contact us via email if you have any further queries.