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ARX Maxi Mix 2 Into 4 Line Mixer

ARX Maxi Mix 2 Into 4 Line Mixer

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ARX Maxi Mix 2 Into 4 Line Mixer 

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The Solution
Introducing the MaxiMIX from ARX: Two independent mixdown groups, each consisting of 4 line inputs with individual level controls and RF filters. Both groups can be linked for a Mono 8 channel mix.
Each input has up to +6dB of gain available, and full attenuation to allow matching of any line level signals.

Balanced Inputs and Outputs
In Stereo mode, each of the 4 electronically balanced inputs combine into fully balanced Master outputs, each of which has 2 male XLR sockets. In Mono mode all Eight inputs mix down to a single linked pair of Master outputs

Wide Dynamic Range
Internally, careful attention to the signal path design has resulted in a unit with wide dynamic range, enough headroom to cope with the hottest line signal, and better than digital noise specifications

Universal AC Power
AC power range is a universal 100 to 120V or 220 to 240V AC, and is connected to the unit via a standard three pin IEC connector, with built-in fuse and voltage change switch.

A typical MaxiMIX application would be as an Installation Master Mixer, combining Live Band Mix, Disco, KTV and Audio-for-Video signals. In this way they can all run independently of each other through the one speaker system.
Other applications include using it as a line sub-mixer for external effects units, and as a Keyboards, Drum machines or other Electronic Instruments sub-mixer.

Accurate and compact, the MaxiMIX's unique combination of ultra low distortion, low noise and high headroom makes it the ideal installation line mixer.


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