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Marshall LR150
Marshall Audiostate LR150 combo amplifier. 150 watts Perfect for use with Keyboards and small PA applications. 4 Channel Combo Amp (4x jack inputs, 2x XLR mic inputs, 1x stereo aux input (CD/mp3 player) 2 channels have 3 band EQ. 2 channels have 2 band EQ. Onboard Reverb effect.
This is a great keyboard amp for gigs/rehearsals. XLR inputs allow microphones to be simultaneously used so this amp could be used as a small P.A for a whole band. CD players and MP3 players can also be connected.150 watts provides plenty of power for medium sized gigs and can compete comfortably with live drums. Line Out feature allows the amp to used as a stage monitor when connected to a larger P.A system.
In perfect working condition, general wear and tear. Missing a rubber foot and one of the dial knobs but these should be easy to replace form Marshall or a guitar shop. 24kg weight. Measurements - height 53cm, width 52cm, depth 34cm. Info from Marshall Website - Direct from the Marshall Amplification Research & Development labs come the new AudioState, Linear Response multi-purpose professional amplifiers specially designed to handle the widest range of applications. The term 'Linear Response' means getting out what you put in, only louder, without any undue colouration or distortion, just as
you would expect from a good PA or Hi-Fi system. Hence these amps are ideal for keyboards and also for mini P.A. systems in schools and churches for speeches etc, for aerobics classes and the like, right through to a full band playing small venues. The versatility of these professional specification combo amplifiers allows them to suit not only keyboards, but just about any instrument, including; acoustic instruments such as guitars and mandolins, vocal or instrument microphones, samplers, drum machines and woodwind instruments (when fitted with the correct type of pick-up) or a combination of the above. If you have asked the question "Where can I find an amp that the whole band can plug into, portable enough to fit on the back seat of the car and simple enough to be ready for use in an instant", the answer is right here in the LR230, LR150 or LR300. Audiostate- the simple sonic answer to a complex sound problem! This 1x15" with piezo horn combo gives you the choice of a mix of up to 4 different inputs and provides 150 Watts (RMS) of clean Marshall power. The LR150 features an internal limiter to prevent distortion; a parallel effects loop for any external effects processor and an in-built spring reverb to add ambience to your sound. Channels 1 and 2 each have 2 band EQ whilst Channels 3 and 4 have 3 band EQ, also a combination of input types allows the connection of keyboards, instruments, microphones, or CD players and other audio equipment. However, that's not all. Also provided is a Line Out facility which isn't affected by the LR150's Master Volume level. This allows you to connect your LR150 to the house PA system in any venue that has this facility. Your LR150 will then act as an onstage monitor and your mixed signal will be sent to the P.A. The Line Out can also be used to record the mixed signal directly onto recording equipment. If you want a multi-purpose combo that is versatile and powerful enough for both rehearsal and full blown live performance, the LR150 is the one for you.

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